This document describes the rules and procedures we follow, when processing your orders.


CAP order form
A standard order form, which is used for placing orders by our customers.

Single product
When we say or write "product" we mean a single product in particular package, that is to say - 1L clear coat and 500ml clear coat are two separate products.

Label order form
a Word document, that helps to exchange information between CAP and our customers. It consists infromation about the product itself, requred translations, safety phrases, label and can dimensions etc.

Label base design
When designing labels for the whole product range, we first create the base designs - the concept is presented on 3 different labels (3 different products), and once approved it's being developed for the rest of the products.

Label design
A single PDF file, scan or printout of particular label.

Label id number
A code number, unique for every single label we create.

Procedures and deadlines

Whether it's a blank can of putty for testing purposes or completely custom solution with unique branding - there are different procedures and ETA's, depending on what do you need.

  • CAP Standard Brand
    Quick and simple, testers for you and your customers
  • CAP International Brand
    Shortest time-to-market
  • CAP HQ International Brand
    For more demanding markets, minimum order: 2000pcs
  • Semi-Custom Brand
    You have the brand, but you need the products
  • YBOM - Your Brand Our Mind
    Full service solutions for your refinish business - including custom branding and advertising
  • Full-custom Brand & Package
    For large quantity orders, 20000pcs and more