CSX-01.034 Soft Plus Putty

Soft putty for use as filling- and as fine-putty. Imporved shaping capabilities, very easy and safe application. Easy sanding an very low sanding paper clogging.

CSX-01.034 Soft Plus Putty


Soft Plus Putty combines properties of filling and fine putty. As filling putty it's ideal for filling large unevenness - easy to work in thicker layers and sand with sanding papers P120 - P180. As fine putty it's easy to work in thin layers and easy to sand with small-grained sanding papers P240 - P320. It provides very smooth surface and as a result is extra easy to sand. Because of its high thixotropy enables application on vertical elements and is ideal
for shaping sharp edges. It has perfect adhesion to different surfaces such as: steel, aluminium, two-component resin fillers, old top coats and polyester laminates.


The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Thoroughly mix putty and 2-3% of hardener BPO by weight. Apply within 5 minutes at 20°C. Higher temperature can reduce the pot life and accelerates the drying time.


Using too much hardener can lead to topcoat discoloration. It is not recommended to use putty below 15°C