CSX-01.022 Spray Putty

Two component poliester spray putty, granting optimum surface quality. Very good self levelling and filling properties. Easy sanding.

CSX-01.022 Spray Putty


Spray Putty is a two component spray filler. The filler has a balanced thixotrophy and excellent flow and filling properties enabling it to be applied over large areas filling both small and deeper imperfections (pinholes and sandingmarks) easily. Characterised by very easy sanding and excellent adhesion to glass-fibre reinforced plastic, metal and polyester filler. Suitable for filling uneven areas and finish surfaces previously repaired with filling putties in the areaof cars, lorries, buses and railway vehicles. Due to its high sensitivity to water, polyester spray filler must be drysanded. In case of wet sanding the water must be allowed to evaporate completely. To prevent the formation of blisters, particularly under humid conditions, all surfaces must be given an isolating coat of min. 35 μm of acrylic primer (two component), an epoxy based filler or equivalent (not allowed to be sanded) before the top coat is applied.


The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Thoroughly mix putty and 2-3% of hardener CHP by weight.Apply within 20 - 30 minutes at 20°C. Higher temperature can reduce the pot life and accelerates the drying time.


Using too much hardener can lead to topcoat discoloration. It is not recommended to use putty below 18°C.