CSX-01.005 Plastic Putty

Special product to rep air minor scratches and defects in plastic car body parts. Allows reproduction of the original surface. Low sanding paper clogging.

CSX-01.005 Plastic Putty


Plastic putty is a two-component polyester plastic outline filler. For after-treatment of repaired plastic parts.Optimum viscosity properties impart a homogeneous and smooth surface application. Surface-dry hardening prevents the sandpaper from sticking. The finely tuned degree of hardness (shore hardness) of the plastic outline putty prevents bouncing during the sanding. So the putty can be sanded to be virtually non-existent and asmooth join between the base to the putty area can be achieved. Soft and easy to sand.For filling smaller uneven spots and scratches on plastic bumpers of motor vehicles in the car and lorry sectorand also on almost all other plastics employed in the car sector after appropriate pre-treatment.


The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Thoroughly mix putty and 2-3% of hardener BPO by weight. Apply within 5 minutes at 20°C. Higher temperature can reduce the pot life and accelerates the dryingtime.


Using too much hardener can lead to topcoat discoloration. It is not recommended to use putty below 15°C.