CZY-10.005 Repair Kit

Fast curing polyester repair kit for the repair of rust holes and GRP components. Kit includs hardener and glass-fiber-mat

CZY-10.005 Repair Kit


Quick- drying polyester resin filters excellent the mat and glass cloth. Thixotropic, easy application. Contains additives,which cause the reduction of styrene emission while and after application, and an additive which causes that hardened laminate shows no sticky surface after drying, particularly important when machining with abrasive materials. Excellent adhesion to steel surfaces.For car body repairs, construction and repair of vessels, elements of garden architecture, etc.


The repaired surface must be precisely cleaned of remained paint with abrasives P40 - P80 and degreased with silicone remover. Thoroughly mix resin (A) with Hardener (B) in proportions: 100 g of resin + 2-3 g of BPO hardener. Apply mixture with a brush on repaired element, then put glass mat cut to the required size,so that it covers about 5 cm of an undamaged area. Glass mat soak in mix (A+B) until full oversaturation of the matand removing air bubbles by pressing resin in the mat with stiff brush. Gel time 10 minutes at 20°C. When the laminate temperature (resin + mat) will be close to the ambient temperature, the surface can be smoothed and tarnished with P80 - P120, and possible unevennesses are to be filled with filling and finishing putties.When using polyester resin in repairs, must be ensured the correct proportion of resin to glass in each coat.For 1 kg of glass mat use 1,5 - 2 kg of resin. The break between application of another coat should not exceed48 hours. Otherwise, laminate's surface should be regrinded, because laminate may delaminate. Resin storage longer than 12 months or in not appropriate conditions can cause delamination.


Mixture must be used within 5 - 10 min. at 20°C. Higher temperature can reduce the gel time.