CPI-06.009 Tinting Paste (red)

Pigment paste for the tinting of our 1K and 2K acrylic fillers.

CPI-06.009 Tinting Paste (red)


Solvent-borne pigment paste, easy to use for tinting of 1K and 2K acrylic solvent-borne fillers. The paste doesn’tinfluence on application properties of filler.


Add 1-5 weight % of paste to acrylic filler and mix thoroughly.The amount of paste is between 1-5% for filler by weight. The amount of used paste is depended on colour ofbase-coat. For light shade of base-coat the amount of pigment paste should be smaller, for dark shade of basecoat the amount of pigment paste should be higher.


Addition of pigment paste can reduce pot life approximately 20%.