CPG-02.061 Wash Primer A

2K anti-corrosive etch primer for application in the Automotive and other industries. Very good anti corrosion properties and outstanding adhesion to steel, trainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminium

CPG-02.061 Wash Primer A


Anticorrosive,acid reactive 2-pack etch primer for car refinish and industrial applications, characterized by fastdrying at ambient temperature. Provides very good corrosion resistance in thin layer and excellent adhesion to metal surface, including steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. This product is based on polivinyl butyral resins.


Prior to coating, all steel surfaces must be free from rust, oil and grease. Dry sand the steel surface with P100 – P150 grit and clean it again. Mix thoroughly component A (wash primer) with component B (acid catalyst)in the ratio 1:1 by volume. Apply with a spray gun 1-2 single wet coats. Allow for 5-10 min. flash off between the coats. After 15 min. wash primer can be recoated with other products.


It is not recommended to thin with solvents or use pigments to change colour. Not to recoat with polyester putties, epoxide primers and acrylic clearcoats. Not to sand.