CKU-05.010 Seam Sealer (brushable)

Brushable Seamsealer based on synthetic resin. Builds an eslatic and very durable coat for the long term and reliable protection of joints and seams against corrosion. Apply with special brush

CKU-05.010 Seam Sealer (brushable)


Seam sealer is one-component agent based on synthetic rubber, applied with a hard brush. After short period after application, creates an elastic, temperature (-25°C to +80°C), water- and mineral oil- resistant layer.Protects welded and glued joints against corrosion. Recommended for sealing continuous and spot welded jointson the steel and plastic surface.


Surface must be clean, dry and degreased. Apply with a hard brush. During application Seam sealer does not wrinkle and slide on vertical surfaces. It has a good adhesion on raw steel, grounded and painted surfaces. After30 minutes from application of sealing compound it is allowed to varnish with available one-and two-component paints. Tool or possible dirt clean with nitrocellulose thinner or white spirit.