CKK-05.009 Cavity Protection

Benchmark quality of cavity protection materials in the automotive field. Good creeping capabilities, builds an elastic film for long term corrosion protection

CKK-05.009 Cavity Protection


Cavity protection to protect hollow cavities in your vehicle from corrosion. It has a wax-like consistency that leaves an elastic film on the underbody once the solvent evaporates. Its ability to flow into tight spaces, repelwater, and adhere well to metal will provide reliable rust protection for several years. Cavity protection can withstand even the toughest ambient conditions, such as long-term exposure to salt water.Protection of all body cavities on the vehicle. Its ability to flow into tight spaces makes it ideal for difficult-to reach spots as well.


The surfaces to be treated must have the worst of the rust removed beforehand. They should also be dryand free of grease, oil, and dust. Shake the container well before using and apply product at room temperature(18°C - 25°C). Spray an extra-thick layer on problem zones like corners, edges and weld seams.