CPG-02.012 5:1 Filler THN (light grey)

Latest generation of acrylic fillers, containing OH groups for better chemical resistance. High thixotropy, very good filling properties, anti corrosive.

CPG-02.012 5:1 Filler THN (light grey)


New two-component acrylic filler with OH groups. Due to high thixotropy has extremely good filling properties and is very easy to apply with thick layers on vertical surfaces, without leaving runs. It isolates very good polyester products. Due to use of high quality anticorrosive pigments, provides good protection against corrosion. It is designated to use under solvent- and waterborne base coat. Manual/machine sanding dry or wet.Filler is also suitable for colouring with black pigment paste, allowing to get a perfect colour final result. In case of using black pigment paste, add first about 0-5% of paste to acrylic filler (depending on applied base coat), and then mix with hardener.


The surface must be clean, dry, degreased and matted. Mixing ratio 5:1 by volume, if necessary use a thinner for acrylic products to good spray viscosity. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,6 - 1,8 mm in 2 -3 normal coats with 8 - 10 min. flash off at 20°C between the coats. Drying time by the application of max 3 coats 5 - 7 h at20°C or 30 min. at 6°C.Sand dry with P320 - P400 or wet with P800 - P1200.