CLB-03.035 VOC/S

Ultra fast drying 1:1 clear coat. Very good flow, complete UV stability, scratch resistance. Designed for Fast and efficient repairs. Ready to be polished after 120 min at 20°C.

CLB-03.035 VOC/S


Clear Coat VOC/S is a product designed for fast and efficient repairs. Clear coat characterized by good flow, UVresistant (non-yellowing) and scratch resistant. High hardness, good chemical, mechanical and weathering resistance. Its advantage is that there is no need for drying at the higher temperature because it doesn't influence the drying time so much.


Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,2 mm in 2 normal coats with 5 - 7 min. flash off between the coats.


Clear coat should be applied at relative humidity 40-80%, the application of less than 40% longer drying time.