CLB-03.032 VOC Light Opaque

Medium solid 2 K clear coat, general characteristics like CLB- 03.031, gloss level is satin like at 25-30.

CLB-03.032 VOC Light Opaque


Light opaque 2-Pack acrylic clear coat, medium solid type, designed for car refinish and industrial applications.High hardness, good chemical, mechanical and weathering resistance. Easy to use, characterized by good flow.Provides non-yellowing, scratch resistant coatings with smooth, satin finish of 25-30 gloss. The gloss level depends on coating thickness, the lower thickness, the lower gloss level. Clear coat is suitable for applications inspray booths and areas adapted for painting. This product was especially designed to cover the solvent- and waterborne base coat.


Mixing ratio: 2:1 by volume. Mix thoroughly. Apply on dry and dust free surface with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,3 mm in 2 normal coats with 5-10 min. flash off between the coats.