CLB-03.017 VOC/K

Developed for the use in spray booths and areas adapted for painting. No forced dryling mandatory. Very good reproduction of OEM-structure.

CLB-03.017 VOC/K


High solid UHS clear. Good flow and thixotropic properties. UV resistant. Suitable for applications in spray booths and areas adapted for painting. Clear coat was designed for use on solvent- and waterborne base coat.


Mixing ratio: 2:1 by volume. Mix thoroughly.Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,2 mm in 2 normal coats with 7 - 10 min. flash off between the coats. To improve the application properties it is recommended to use thinner for acrylic products up to 10% vol.the mixture A + B.Drying 30 min. at 60°C or 6 - 8 hours at 20°C. Fully cured after 7 days at 20°C.


Drying at the ambient temperature extends a curing time.