Our production has been built “on the green field”. Due to this circumstance, we could have been focused on optimum processes already in the planning phase since no existing installations or buildings had to be taken into consideration.

The result is a Europe’s state-of-the-art coating production plant, with optimum and highly efficient workflows as well as modern social installations for the staff.

Our production is fully automated where possible and useful. In order to respond flexibly to customers’ demands or to be able to produce the smallest lots and to help our customers quickly and with no setbacks, you will also still find real craftsmanship on site!

Our experienced and highly motivated colleagues from the production department guarantee that the promises made by the sales team as well as our high quality level can be kept at all times, in the best interest of our customers!



Experience and good ideas are nothing when one cannot put them into action! The basis for the high and stable quality of CAP’S products is state-of-the-art production facilities, fully equipped laboratories and testing installations, as well as converting only the finest raw materials.